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26th and 27th April, 2022
Burlington House, London and online. 

The shift to a net zero carbon future is a pressing international effort. The Geosciences play a pivotal role in enabling this increasingly urgent energy transition, driving innovation, supporting business and facilitating a sustainable and socially just transition.


Geological knowledge will allow the sourcing of essential raw materials, in particular critical metal resources, for low carbon energy infrastructure including transportation, construction, and engineering. Responsible resource stewardship is critical to the development of circular economies, reducing waste and environmental impact and supporting sustainable communities. Geological solutions will underpin new technologies for energy production, transfer and storage – including geothermal.

Image by Matthew Henry

Geoscientists are thus uniquely placed to support policy makers, industry, and other stakeholders, in the management of Earth resources fundamental to the Energy Transition. The Geological Society’s Energy Transition theme champions this goal, supporting communication between academia, business, government, and public communities, and aims to inspire a new generation of geoscientists.


The main platform we will be using is Zoom. Just in case you are not confident with it, these two videos should help with some zoom basics: 

The event will be hosted as a zoom webinar, with all attendees, including those presenting will be admitted as 'attendees'. 

In order to obtain links for the sessions, you must sign up online. Please note, each day will be run using a different link. 

A team will be working behind the scenes to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. If you have problems with your internet / presentation / you are ill / you need to miss your session – please let us know as early as possible and we will work with you. The best way to contact us is via the email address:

More information for attendees, speakers, and those submitting micro-talks will be available soon! 

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