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Thank you for your input to this forum – we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


If you have any questions regarding the event, using this website, and joining online, please email

The meeting aims to identify what Geoscience needs to do now to meet the net zero targets in a fair and sustainable way - to support policy, business and innovation, and in parallel develop new scientific and engineering knowledge and solutions. It will connect and engage the Geoscience community with key stakeholders in society, government and beyond, and through multi-way discussion, the event will both tease out and integrate geoscience, policy, sustainable development and the Energy Transition. In doing so, it will identify new opportunities for Geoscience research, development and impact, and critically ask what the Geosciences need to do now for a sustainable transition. This is a hybrid meeting (in person and online) and will consist of invited speaker sessions and panel discussions.


We encourage audience participation via questions both on the day and in advance; details will appear in due course.

Tuesday 26th


09.30 Welcome & CHAIR of session – Nick Gardiner St Andrews University

09.45 GSL’s role − Megan O’Donnell, Communications & Policy Officer Geological Society of London

10.00 “The Need for Geological Net Zero” - Myles Allen Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford 

10.30 Keynote – Froydis Cameron-Johansson* Group Head Intl Govt & Sustainability Relations, Anglo American


11.00-11.30 coffee


11.30-13.00 Mining & metals for the low-C economy

CHAIR: Dan Smith Leicester University

Simon Gardner-Bond CTO TechMet

Georgie Hallett Chief Sustainability Officer LME

Julian Kettle Vice Chair Metals & Mining Wood McKenzie

Mike Armitage Honorary Chair, Critical Minerals Association


13.00-14.15 Lunch


14.15-15.20 Responsible Resource Stewardship

CHAIR: Dan Smith Leicester University

Richard Herrington Natural History Museum

Cathryn MacCallum Sazani

Karen Hanghøj Executive Director BGS

15.30-16.00 coffee


16.00-16.40 Discussion: What does Geoscience need to do to enable a just transition?

CHAIR: Megan O’Donnell

Kathryn Moore Senior Lecturer in Green and Technology Metals Camborne School of Mines

Tavis Potts* Personal Chair in Sustainable Development Aberdeen University

Benjamin Sovacool* Professor of Energy Policy University of Sussex


17.15 Networking event, Burlington House Library

then 19.30 at the Kings Head, Mayfair


Wednesday 27th


09.15-10.45 Energy Systems: Decarbonisation & Waste

CHAIR: Gareth Johnson Strathclyde University

Anita Parbhakar-Fox* Sustainable Minerals Institute University of Queensland 

Roy Payne Executive Director GDF Watch

Nem Vaughan* Professor in Climate Change UEA


10.45-11.15 coffee


11.15-12.20 Energy Systems: Powering the Transition

CHAIR: Stuart Haszeldine Edinburgh University

Charlotte Adams* Principal Manager Mine Water Heat Coal Authority

Philip Ringrose Adjunct Professor in CO2 storage NUST

Gemma Sherwood* Senior Geologist EDF Energy

12.20-13.30 Lunch


13.30-14.00 Keynote: Natasha Dowey* Sheffield Hallam University 

14.00-14.45 Discussion: What sort of Geoscience Skills are needed to enable net zero? 

CHAIR: Ruth Allington 

Jo Alexander BP 

Natasha Dowey*

Ben Lepley SRK Consulting


14.45-15.15 coffee


15.15 Panel Discussion: What does Geoscience need to do now for a sustainable transition to net zero?

CHAIR: Nick Gardiner

Paul Monks* Chief Scientific Adviser BEIS

Jo Alexander BP

Michelle Bentham Chief Scientist Decarbonisation BGS

Rose Clarke Satarla

Karen Hanghøj Executive Director BGS


16.00 Closing Remarks: Nick Gardiner & Ruth Allington

16.30 - finish

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