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Throughout the Discussion Meeting, we’d like to showcase and share the wide range of research, development, and action that’s supporting or informing the Energy Transition.

We invite you to contribute a short (< 2 minute) video “microtalk”  on your work around the Energy Transition. Relevant topics might include: mining and metals for the low carbon economy, subsurface storage, geothermal, net zero infrastructure, or aspects of wider societal relevance such as the role of geoscience and the just transition. Please pitch your short talk to a broad audience, explaining key concepts and avoiding jargon – and ideally in one or two slides.

We welcome contributions from industry and research, and will prioritise contributions from early career geoscientists and those from groups underrepresented in geoscience.

Talks should be on themes that will be included in the conference (as opposed to, for instance, general climate change) and they need to describe legitimate research, not personal opinions. They should also adhere to the code of conduct, which can be found here

Selected talks will be showcased during the conference, in the session hall and online, during the breaks, and - with permission - will be available online following the conference.


To submit, please send your abstract template (available here), your video, and proof of your registration to event to, via email, dropbox, wetransfer, etc (whatever works best for you). 

The deadline is 12pm GMT, Friday 22nd April.

Please note - as soon as the video has been checked for editing and suitable content, it will be posted below.


We look forward to hearing about your work!

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