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Dr Cathryn MacCallum

Dr Cathryn MacCallum, CEnv, CSci, FIMMM, is a social scientist with more than 30 years experience of working in and with the natural resources sector, supporting effective engagement, sustainable livelihoods, education for sustainable development and global learning.

She is a founding Director of Sazani Associates, an NGO focusing on Natural Resource Governance and Head of ESG Strategy for Akobo Minerals, a Norwegian mineral exploration company developing a gold mining project in Gambella Region, Ethiopia.

Through Sazani, Cathryn regularly undertakes ESG due diligence reviews of mineral exploration projects, provides training in social licence to operate and social performance in the minerals sector and engages in associated academic research. Her role with Akobo, as a junior mineral exploration company ‘keeps it real’.


Cathryn will focus on the Akobo mining project to provide a high level review of the multidimensional challenges of combining natural resource stewardship with developing a gold mine in a complex environment. She will draw on achievements and lessons learned in putting sustainable natural resource management at the core of the project to support mitigation of ESG Risks.

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