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Froydis Cameron-Johansson

Froydis has been involved in the extractives sector for close to 20 years and throughout her career has challenged conventional thinking and looked to make a lasting positive different.

Being interested in both social and natural sciences, Froydis started her career in government working for the European Commission working on Climate Change and subsequently at the US Senate. Froydis joined Shell and gained over a decade of experience across the oil and gas business; holding a number of project and corporate positions around the world. She was also part of the very first sustainability team for Shell, reframing their approach to society.

She joined Anglo American to lead integrated planning for ‘mega projects’ –in Alaska, Brazil and Peru. After that she return to geology roots and become Head of Safety, Sustainability, Corporate Affairs and Compliance for the global Exploration team.

Froydis is currently of Group Head of International Government and Sustainability Relations responsible for country risk, stakeholder engagement and public policy areas such as climate change and human rights as well as ensuring integrated government relations planning, geopolitical risk and scenario analysis across all levels of the organisation.

On a personal note, Froydis has always supported women in industry and mentored a number of women throughout the years and is actively involved in a number of education and women’s charities, and very tangentially, she used to train guide dogs for the blind and is a qualified basketball and hockey referee.

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