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Megan O’Donnell

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Dr Megan O’Donnell FGS

Head of Policy and Communications, The Geological Society

Megan is a geologist who has worked across policy, science communication, education and outreach at the Geological Society since 2019. She graduated with a BSc from the University of St Andrews (2014), initially working as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, tracking and analysing atmospheric pollution in urban areas. In 2015 she joined the GeoEnergy research group at the University of Edinburgh as a PhD researcher, investigating the environmental risk posed by shale gas operations in the UK.

As Head of Policy and Communications, Megan is responsible for overseeing the Geological Society’s policy work; communicating geological information to support evidence-based policy making, communicating the value and importance of geoscience knowledge and skills, and representing the geological community to stakeholders across society, the Government, the media, other scientific communities and the public.

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