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Natasha Dowey

Natasha Dowey is a Senior Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University. Following a PhD in volcanology Natasha worked as a research geoscientist in the oil and gas industry for 7 years before returning to academia, based first at the University of Hull as a lecturer in Geology, and now at Sheffield Hallam where she is Course Lead of Environmental Science. In 2020, she set up Geoscience for the Future, an initiative that showcases diverse stories of geoscience's vital role in a more sustainable future. For the past two years she has been involved in a range of projects to increase access and participation in the geosciences.

Social Media: @DrNatashaDowey @Geoforthefuture (Twitter)

Ensuring a more sustainable, equitable Geoscience for the Future

Geoscience is crucial to achieving net zero, and to a more sustainable future. But for geoscience itself to be sustainable, we need to create a strong pipeline of talented geoscientists from diverse backgrounds bringing their skills into our discipline. We must tackle falling student recruitment, face up to a lack of public awareness, modernise and decolonise our curricula, and tackle the diversity crisis that has long plagued our subject. This talk will discuss the legacies holding our subject back and explore some initiatives and research taking place to jolt geoscience into the future.

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