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Ruth Allington

Ruth has been a freelance consultant and mediator since her retirement from GWP Consultants LLP in 2019, after 38 years there. In addition to her BSc and MSc degrees, she also has an MBA, and she is a qualified and experienced commercial and community mediator. Throughout her career, she has specialised in in the responsible design of quarries and open pits, and has specialist expertise in facilitating effective communication between stakeholders in the mining sector, to resolve disputes, to underpin effective risk management, and to achieve the levels of trust and mutual understanding with external stakeholders needed for social acceptance.

She is passionate about promoting ‘joined up thinking’ and encouraging collaborative approaches to problem definition, problem solving and dispute resolution based on facilitating effective communication and co-operation between all relevant stakeholders; in professional teams, voluntary committees or interactions with wider society – this is where dispute resolution sits very comfortably with her technical skills and experience.

She is a Trustee of the Institute of Quarrying, a member of the Pan European Resources and Reserves Reporting Committee (PERC), Treasurer of the European Federation of Geologists and is President-designate of the Geological Society (she’ll be President from 8th June this year).

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